Founded back in the year 2013 by Sam, SSplusD is an interior design firm which offers design consultation and a variety of other services for residences, retail shops and commercial offices.

There are many aspects to design and we pride ourselves in striving to strike a perfect balance between aesthetic and practicality. Though functional designs, we aim to create a space in which users are able to enjoy the pleasantries of art without compromising on the purposes of the environment.

SSplusD hallmarks designs are based on the combination of contemporary and minimalist approach. Through exploring the sensual dimension of space, we create something unique to the site and presence.

Although already 19 years in the industry, designing has always been our favorite. and whether that's designing a furniture, a logo or an art work for a specific area, we thoroughly enjoy doing so. we adore working with both traditional method using pen and pencil ( hand sketch ) to on the conceptual phase but also to incorporate technical digital side of things ( artist impression, rendering and cad drawings) on the dissemination phase

At SSplusD, we believe that design work is not solely about how well we are able to conceive a design. Instead, there are many other factors at play here. We design thoughtful and livable spaces

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